Alpaca Day was so fun!

It was an overcast but warm day on May 26th, 2019 as we visited the Aragon Alpacas farm. Ann showed us around her alpaca farm and her cute, cozy little store on the property. She lives in an old farmhouse and has a big red barn and about 30 alpacas.

The store was full of wool and items for sale like sweaters, mittens, hats, stuffed animals, and tons more! Everything was so soft and beautiful. We had our friends Carolyn and Charlie there to teach us about how to use the spinning wheel and drum carder. They are so patient and kind!

Ann introduced us to the alpacas, including two newborns…one was only 2 days old and still wobbling around on young legs. They were adorable! She has a big wide open pasture and several corrals, and many different groupings of the alpacas. We could hear them “humm” as we came up close to the pens. We weren’t allowed to touch them, but we got to feed them bits of carrots through the fence. One of them was running around doing little feisty displays of jumping and kicking up her heels. It was funny!

Ann has field trips, classes and more at her farm. She was super welcoming and friendly!

We went inside and learned how to needle felt, with Leslie, our SCEC board secretary and mom. The soft colorful wool was so easy to work with, and it was surprisingly easy. I made a cute little duck! I think I am “hooked” now on needle felting and will have to do more of this soon. It was a lovely day and we are so grateful to our volunteers and Ann for making it a special day!

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