Our volunteer and paid staff are committed to sharing nature and history with kids and families in a meaningful and inspiring way, teaching through discovery and taking advantage of natural teaching opportunities. We pride ourselves in our enthusiasm, knowledge, and patience.

Executive Director – Karen Rainsong

Karen holds a B.A. from Cal State University Northridge in Art, and a Certified Naturalist Certificate from the Siskiyou Field Institute in Oregon. She is a graphic designer, photographer, and for many years was an art teacher. She is also a mom of a teen boy and an active part of the community.
She has always loved nature and natural interpretation. Throughout her years living in Eugene, she has worked often with teaching children, in both traditional school settings and non-formal outdoor settings. Some of her favorite jobs included teaching natural history and local history at Homesource, teaching many different types of art and natural history courses for Lane Arts Council, and teaching as an Audobon In the Schools instructor and at Whole Earth Nature School.
Previously she enjoyed working as an Educational Coordinator at Dorris Ranch, as an instructor for the City of Eugene Parks and Recreation, and an instructor at Nearby Nature. She was the Coordinator of the Alvord Farm and Museum from 2007- 2015, until the expansion into the Singing Creek Educational Center. More about her can be found at her business web site: www.rainsongdesign.net.




Amy Elliot – Instructor

Amy Elliott is a Stay-at-Home-Mom of three. She is a Conscious Parent and has a B.A. in Child Development Psychology, an A.A. in Military Science, Spanish and French.
Amy is skilled in leadership, domestic arts and rustic living. For example, she has intermediate survival skills and extensive organizational training; she has been a birth doula; and has taken wild edible, organic growing and landscaping courses; as well as being certified in Perma-Culture. Amy believes she has as much learning as teaching to do when working with children. She passionate about teaching via modeling, exposure, empathy and being present in the experience with every child.



Liza Starr Lilly –  Instructor












Gary S. Walter –  Instructor