The granary building seen from the pond area.
The granary building seen from the pond area.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a small but passionate group dedicated to our mission. We enjoy bringing together kids, nature and history in a unique and engaging way. Our work helps thousands of kids and families annually learn about their place in history and the natural world.

Lynne Michelle

Board President
Lynne is very active in the community and very close with her family here. She loves working with the kids at Singing Creek Center and supporting our mission. She works for the Eugene Ballet Company and enjoys our many outdoor programs.
Lynne Michelle

Greg Golfes

Vice President
Greg is passionate about living history and loves to portray a trapper mountain man from the19th Century at our events. He works for several non-profits and is currently employed at Symantec Corporation.
Greg Golfes

Kim Miller

Board Secretary
Kim is a retired schoolteacher, still working as a substitute. She loves kids and her enthusiasm shines through in everything she does. She loves history and nature and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty for whatever project we are working on!

Joy Germack

Board Treasurer
Joy has worked with and for non-profits for many years. She came from New Mexico to Eugene to be with her family. Currently working at the University of Oregon, she enjoys dressing up as a pioneer and time traveling back to a more quiet, natural time.
Joy Germack

Alexandra Zinke

Board Member
Alexandra is a mother and works hard in her local Eugene community. She is passionate about our mission and helps with fundraising efforts.

Advisory Council

Tina Currin-Duval
Kristine DiPalma
Rees Maxwell

If you are interested in joining us in our endeavors, please contact our Executive Director, Karen Rainsong, at or use the contact form.