Kalapuya Ways Classroom Presentation

Engage your classroom with our interesting presentation about the First Peoples of the Willamette Valley, the Kalapuya, with an interpreter and hands-on activities. Our trained staff has many years of teaching about this topic and the style is inclusive and respectful. We strive to gently dispel myths and stereotypes and impart lasting impressions of dignity and respect.  Our historical interpreters do not “pretend” to be Native. We will remind your students that the Kalapuya people are still here.

kalapuya natives teaching

Topics may include:

  • Seasonal round of different activities/ locations throughout the year
  • Language
  • Traditional Foods/ hunting methods/ cooking
  • Clothing: mostly inner cedar bark
  • Transportation: walking/ canoes
  • Flintnapping: points/arrowheads
  • Dwellings: Cedar longhouses or temporary brush shelters
  • Fire starting: hand drill/ bow drill
  • What happened to the Kalapuya? settlement/reservations
  • What are the Kalapuya people doing today?
  • Reciprocity/ Respect for all life


We include a written curriculum for you with additional in-depth materials and resources online.


$50 per classroom

At this time we are booking on Monday or Friday afternoons only.

Download the promotional flyer here.


Optional add ons

Stick Dice Game- Learn how to play the stick dice game and make your own set to play with your friends! We provide the materials and instruction, 20 min.


Kalapuya Creation Story Wolf Mask- Listen to a Kalapuya elder (online audio) tell the Kalapuya Creation Story and make your own wolf mask to go with it. We provide you with the pdf mask template to copy onto paper and the link to the online audio. You teach. Approx time: 35 min.



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