Field Trips offered:

Travel in Time (best for 4th grade)

Pond Study Aquatic Science (best for 5th grade)

 “Travel in Time” Field Trip Adventure!

trapper, kalapuya indian and pioneer historical interpreters singing creek educational center

Go back in time and experience local history on our beautiful family farm! Your 3rd – 5th grade school group will learn about life as a pioneer, trapper, and Kalapuya Indian with hands-on experience, outdoor activities and more. The trip begins at our pioneer homestead, a historic granary building, then your class with break into three groups that will have different adventures with a costumed interpreter as a guide. The Kalapuya group will go to a beautiful camp under the trees to learn about foods, housing, tools, language and more. Trappers will walk to a camp spot with a tent and cooking ring, sit on tree stumps and learn about trade, early tools, lifestyle, and animals then go for a walk to the pond to search for tracks. The pioneer group will start at the granary and learn about early schooling, work the loom and go for a nature walk to the creek to record observations in their field journals. Each group will make a craft to take home. We re-convene at the granary for a final wrap up and to get back on the bus. There is a pioneer one room schoolhouse on the property, next to the farm store and commercial kitchen, which you will probably see as you approach our driveway. It is not available for our field trips, however, the Camas Country Mill has field trips there for students during the school year. (You may contact them directly to book a trip there.) Thanks for your cooperation!

We are working to align these programs with state educational standards. We welcome your questions and comments.

Pricing: $4.50 per child, with a $48 minimum.
If you have a small group we can do the field trip with one or two groups, such as pioneer only, or pioneer and Kalapuya group only.  Our maximum is 35 kids.

12 children or less, ONE GROUP
13-25 children, TWO GROUPS
26-35 children, THREE GROUPS

Field trips last for two hours and are usually scheduled from 9:30am to 11:30am. We do not have facilities for groups over 15 to stay and eat their lunches, unless you can sit outdoors on the grass (good weather.) If your group is 15 or under and you would like to use the granary for lunch, please let us know in advance.  There is an additional fee of $20 to stay for lunch.

Liability release waivers will need to be collected for all persons attending the field trips. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottles and snacks if necessary (depending on timing of your trip.)

We will send you a packet of information about preparing for your field trip as well as background information on the trip and what to expect.

Contact our Director, Karen Rainsong, for more information.

Want more information about the pioneers, trappers, and Kalapuya Indians, as well as nature and local history? Check out our Resources page with over 60 links to educational resources on the web!

Pond Study Aquatic Science Field Trip

the pond at Singing Creek Educational Center junction city oregon eugene historical

This curriculum is designed for 5th graders and includes learning about watershed health, indicator species, wildlife, and doing observation and analysis. We will use various materials and handouts to complete activities about determining the health of the pond on the property at the Huntons farm (home of Singing Creek Educational Center.) With our dip netting equipment you will skim the pond for samples and identify what you find. Chart the creatures you find and determine what they say about the health of the pond ecosystem. Discuss your findings and observations with the group and go home smarter!

Learning Outcomes:

• Inductive reasoning
• Deductive reasoning
• How sediments and contaminants are transported into waterways
• Importance of vegetated riparian buffer zones
• How human impacts on water quality can be monitored and minimized
• The role of decomposers
• The importance of biodiversity
• What indicator species are and why they’re important
• How to create and read a bar graph
• How to conduct field experiments
• How to work in teams

pond girls for web

This field trip cost is $4.50 per student, adult chaperones are free. Field trip is approximately 1.5 hours long, and stays on site at the Singing Creek Educational Center at 92194 Purkerson Rd. Junction City OR.

Your group must have liability waivers signed for each participant and adult chaperones. We ask for a month lead time to plan your field trip. Please use our button below to request a field trip reservation.