Field Trips for Your Class or Group

We offer exciting history field trips in Cottage Grove and Eugene during the school year, September through June. We’ve been leading field trips for 17 years. Our instructors are trained to bring history to life in culturally responsive ways for your class. Our Kalapuya curriculum has been vetted by the Grand Ronde Curriculum Specialist and includes some discussion about realities of what happened to the Indigenous people of Oregon and current day reclaiming of traditions, language, culture and land.

Scroll down to view the different field trips we offer. Would you like a custom field trip? Contact us to share your needs.

Our goals for your class field trip are:


Hands-on Learning


Inquiry and Discussion


Critical Thinking


Cultural Appreciation


Outdoor time


Connecting the dots/ Relatable history


Big picture thinking/ tying it all together

Homeschool Parents

Talk to us about booking a special field trip for your group! Either Travel in Time (at the SMJ House in Eugene) or Lewis & Clark (at the Lane County History Museum.) We love homeschoolers!


private field trip lewis and clark at LCHM
trapper teaching kids at a field trip at Singing Creek Educational Center

“Our class enjoyed the Travel in Time field trip at Singing Creek Educational Center. The field trip supported our 4th grade social studies standards and enriched out class curriculum. Students loved the games and learning outside while discovering the historical significance of their own backyard (Cottage Grove).”

Katharine Hawks
Bohemia Elem. 4th Grade

Travel in Time Field Trip

Experience local history with hands-on activities. Your 3rd – 5th grade school group will learn about life as a pioneer, trapper, and Kalapuya Native American with hands-on experiences and experienced history interpreters. For 2023, the field trip will be at the historic Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, then your class will break into three groups and go with a historical interpreter to learn. The Kalapuya group will learn about foods, housing, tools, language and about the Kalapuya today, as well as Indigenous/settler relationships. In the trappers group, students will learn about trade goods, early tools, lifestyle and clothing, and animal furs. The pioneer group will learn about the Oregon Trail,  settler life, local history and the occupants of the SMJ House. They will explore historic items and guess how they were used. Each group will rotate after 30 minutes so each student can experience all three historical learning opportunities.

We re-convene in the lobby of the SMJ house to say goodbye and to get back on the bus.  If your group would like to stay to eat sack lunches, please arrange this with us beforehand.

Address of SMJ House:
303 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401
For cars: Enter Driveway at Third and Pearl Streets
Bus: park across the street in the lot on Shelton McMurphey Blvd.

shelton mcmurphey johnson house eugene oregon

Note: Though the trapper’s items include a flintlock rifle and a knife, these items are safely secured, never passed around to the children, and the rifle is zip-tied and well as never loaded (no gunpowder on site ever). Rest assured your student’s safey and well being is our top priority.
history field trip at the SMJ house in Eugene
scec field trip at the SMJ House Spring 2023

Cascade Heights 3rd grade class had an amazing time learning all about Oregon’s history and the people who were Native to the area! Singing Creek Educational Center and everyone at the SMJ house were extremely welcoming and accommodating. Thank you for an amazing field trip!!

-Muriel Smith, Cascade Heights Elem, Clackamas

Lewis & Clark: Explorers Field Trip

Go back in time and help discover Oregon on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with fun hands-on activities! Your students will learn about the Corp of Discovery and their famous expedition to find the Northwest Passage, establish peace with the Native Americans, map the American West, and discover new species along the way. This famous journey (1803 – 1806) paved the way for westward expansion and brought new scientific and practical knowledge. Learn about the people who went on the journey, some of the adventures, about the Indigenous people encountered along the way, and make a few discoveries and a map of your own in your journal (provided.)  Learn about trade items, Native American language and customs, over-wintering at the fort, map making, local plants and animals, and about Seaman the dog.  Location is the Lane County History Museum in Eugene.

Optional Add-on: For a small fee we can do a 20 minute classroom slideshow presentation in-person beforehand. This “prep session” will give your class some background on the expedition and expectations for the field trip.

“Singing Creek Educational Center is great! I attended with my ten year old son who has a disability and they were very supportive in listening to what his needs were and allowing him to participate as fully as any other child would. I fully recommend anyone to this wonderful organization.”

Keeley Heni

lewis and clark field trip for kids in Cottage Grove
lewis and clark teaching kids singing Creek center

“My class had a great time at the Singing Creek Center! They especially liked all the hands-on activities. They really enjoyed trying to write their names and drawing maps using the quill pens. The staff at the Singing Creek Center even dressed up to enhance the experience. We are looking forward to coming back again next year!”

Steve Sadiq
Dorena 4/5 Teacher

homeschool field trip young students at Singing Creek educational center

Our homeschool group did the Lewis and Clark program and had so much fun and learned a lot!  Each of our three groups had a unique experience and were thrilled to be able to take home souvenirs from our day.  I highly recommend this program!

Venessa Wood

Field Trip Pricing

$225 flat fee payable in advance or day of

Or if you would like a custom field trip, the fee may be different. Talk to us for details. 

If you have a small group we can do the field trip with one or two groups only.  Our maximum is 35 kids.

12 children or less, ONE GROUP
13-21 children, TWO GROUPS
22-35 children, THREE GROUPS

Field trips last for nearly two hours and are usually scheduled from 9:30am to 11:30am.  After your field trip, your group is welcome to stay and eat lunch nearby.

We will send you a packet of information about preparing for your field trip as well as background information and what to expect.

Contact our Director, Karen Rainsong, for more information.

Want more information about local history and nature? Check out our Resources page with over 60 links to educational resources on the web!

custom homeschool field trip singing creek center oregon

Custom Homeschool Field Trips too!

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