How do you include diverse perspectives in Living History education?
Absolutely! We are committed to diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in our programs and trainings. We are members of ALHFAM (Association of Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums) and agree with their statement on this issue here:

Please read our statement about our perspective on teaching history to young people:

Are your instructors first-aid trained?
All of our lead instructors are required to have current first-aid and CPR Training (there will always be at least one lead instructor in a camp or class.) We also train our staff on the seriousness and proper procedure for dealing with anaphylaxis and severe allergic reactions.

What does my child need to bring?
Upon registration you will receive a detailed confirmation email that has a complete list of things to bring. Basically we ask kids to come prepared to be outside all day and stay comfortable. Typically that means a healthy lunch, water in a refillable container, appropriate clothing, and comfortable shoes (no flip-flops).

Will my child get dirty?
We hope so. We know that getting dirty is often a sign of how much fun was had that day. Also, getting dirty is an expected side effect of being creative, getting close to nature and exploring outside. Please send your kids dressed appropriately. While many activities are optional, if you are not comfortable getting at least a little bit dirty this is probably not an appropriate program for you.

How do you deal with food allergies?
We work closely with families that have concerns about food allergies to come up with the most appropriate plan for their child’s safety. As a general precaution, kids do not share food at camp. If other precautions are necessary we will take those based on conversations with your family. We do not provide food to your children except during a cooking activity, and you will be informed beforehand in case you need to bring an alternative.

What is your discipline policy?
We do not tolerate any kind of bullying, harassment, aggressive or exclusionary behavior. Children are asked to comply with requests made by staff and abide by all the program rules. Verbal reminders will be given, and if problem or difficult behavior continues, we may ask a child to sit out (take a break with supervision) from an activity. If behavior continues to be an issue, the child’s parents may be called to assist with or pick up their child. We reserve the right to expel a child from the remainder of the program if the child’s behavior warrants it, without a refund.

Instructors do not physically restrain a child unless it is in the immediate safety interests of the other children, volunteers, or the child themselves. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe and respected while having fun. Please contact our Executive Director if you have questions about the discipline policy.

Can I pay online?
Of course. Simply click the “Register Now” button anywhere on our site for a specific program. Or you can use Paypal with the address:

Will my kids get to eat wild plants?
In some of our programs kids are given the opportunity to taste wild edible plants or use wild medicinal plants. We make sure that kids are aware that there are certain plants that can be harmful, and we guide them closely.

What is your student/instructor ratio?
We have a maximum student/instructor ratio of 10:1. In the case of classes with older children, we will have 12:1 if parents are staying. Our summer camps have a maximum group size of 11 kids.

What are your instructor qualifications?
We hire only the most qualified and competent staff. Most have years of experience working outdoors with kids and adults. Also, all of our staff and volunteers must pass a background check process before they are allowed to work with kids. Feel free to check out our staff bios page for details about our current staff. Many of our class instructors are knowledgeable volunteers from the community that we have vetted, with various backgrounds and special interests.

Where do your camps take place?
For 2024, some of our summer camps will be at Prospector’s Park in Cottage Grove. See our Contact page to request more information.

Do you provide lunch?
We ask kids to bring their own lunch to day camps. With all of the variety of dietary needs and allergies that exist it is impractical to provide lunch for all of the kids at camp in a safe and appropriate way. Also, we often eat lunch while out on a hike and it is best for each kid to carry their own food. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions that your child may have in advance of camp so that we may plan ahead.

Do you offer aftercare at summer camps?
It may be possible to schedule before or after camp care, talk to our director for details. Use the Contact page.

Do you have scholarships for summer camps?
We generally have scholarships available for each summer camp season, so please ask us for more information. Use the Contact page.

How long have you been running summer camps?
Our Director has been teaching children since 1996 and is a mother herself. Singing Creek (begun in 2015) was an evolution from the Alvord Farm and Museum in Eugene, where she was the founder and coordinator for 7 years. See our About Us page for more info.

The camp I want is full. Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, please send us a message using the contact form to sign up for the waiting list for your favorite summer camp.

Do your camps end at the same time everyday?
Summer day camps end at 2pm or 3pm each day.  We often will have a family party for the last half hour on Friday for summer camps. You are not required to attend but we strongly encourage joining us as campers will be sharing some favorite things they learned with you.

What if I am late picking up my child?
We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances which could cause you to be late. We allow 15 minutes after the end of the camp for you to pick up your child without penalty. From 16-25 minutes late, we charge a flat fee of $5.00. For every additional minute after this, we charge $1 per minute. We do this in order to make every effort to support and compensate our instructors for the time they invest. We need our team leaders to be able to go home and be with their own families, rest and return to care for children the next day.

Do your camps have a religious message?
Singing Creek Educational Center believes that people of all faiths can appreciate the natural world and history equally. Our camps have no religious message, and we expect that campers show respect for others’ beliefs.

I don’t see my question here. How can I learn more?
We would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 541 968-1986.

What is your policy on discrimination?
We do not discriminate; see our policy.

How do I request a field trip?
We’re glad you asked! Head over to the Field Trips Page and fill out the form.

If there is a field trip scheduled, and it is supposed to rain, what happens?
Usually field trips are held outdoors, rain or shine. HOWEVER, if there is severe weather occurring or land maintenance work on the day of the field trip, we do not want to put anyone at risk, so we will notify you ASAP of cancellation and reschedule.

What can I expect on my field trip?
Please see our Field Trips page for more detailed information.

Where do I park?
Park in designated areas and lock your vehicle. Follow signs on the property or refer to your email instructions for the event/program.

How do I sign up?
Preregister by filling out the forms on our website.

What do I need to bring?
For field trips please bring a water bottle, and dress appropriately for the weather. Cameras are permitted. No pets allowed; only registered service animals. For summer camps please refer to the parent info letter that we send out via email about 10 days before the camp begins.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary for classes & programs, see the pages for each one.

Are the classes for kids only?
Classes are usually for kids and adults together unless otherwise marked. Summer camps are intended to be a drop-off situation, after you check-in your child. If your child needs special accommodations please talk to us. We may ask you or a caregiver to stay during camp or a program if that would work best. Most of the time an adult will need to stay with their child during other types of classes. See the specific class event page for details.

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