Resources for Teachers and Parents

Talking to Children About Race and Equity

Raising Anti-Racist Children with Kristin Coggins (podcast)

 Talking Race with Young Children (NPR audio file)

How Silence Can Breed Prejudice: A Child Development Professor Explains How and Why to Talk to Kids About Race” from The Washington Post.

“Racism and Violence: Using Your Power as a Parent to Support Children Aged Two to Five” By Rebecca Parlakian at Zero to Three

Beyond the Golden Rule” at

Teaching Juneteeth at

How to Talk to Kids About Juneteenth on Pittwire

 13 Children’s Books about Race and Diversity from PBS

P.R.I.D.E. Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education

Also listen to a podcast titled “How Implicit Bias Affects Children” on the page above:

Teaching Hard History for K-5, a PDF from Learning for Justice


Read-along Children’s Books About Race & Diversity:

• “We’re Different, We’re The Same” by Bobbi Kates.

• “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox.

• “It’s Okay To Be Different,” by Todd Parr.

• “The Family Book,” by Todd Parr.

• “The Color Of Us,” by Karen Katz.

• “Same Difference,” by Calida Garcia Rawls.

• “All Kinds of Children,” by Norma Simon.

History and Culture

Native Knowledge 360, from National Museum of the American Indian

Wisdom of the Elders Native videos

Zinn Education Project: Teaching the People’s History

Lane County Historical Society: Traveling Trunks – FREE!

Broken Treaties: An Oral History Tracing Oregon’s Native Population

Kalapuya Creation Story told by Esther Stutzman, Kalapuya elder

Native Lands map of North America

Understanding how fire affects the landscape and Indigenous use of fire:

Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Camas Country- All about the Native Americans and Camas on Beacon Hill

Philip Foster Living History Farm

Little House on the Prairie Fan Site- stories, crafts, games, projects and more!

Opal Whiteley information

Three video playlist about Opal Whiteley, curated by Steve Williamson

Living History Schoolhouse and Country Mill in Alvadore, Oregon:

Pioneer Bonnets and Clothing, items and blacksmithing:

Museum of Natural and Cultural History (U of O):

Oregon Archaeology Society Web site:

Woodcut of a Kalapuya Indian man:

History of Fort Umpqua

Historical Maps of Oregon from the New York Public Library

Information About the Kalapuya and the History of the Land

Gray’s Harbor Historical Seaport

Places to Go

West Eugene Wetlands Web site

Mount Pisgah Arboretum Web site

Cascades Raptor Center Web site

Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (located in California):

Elkton Community Education Center

Adventure! Children’s Museum

Things to Do

“Wildcraft” board game about herbs:

Recipe to make Dandelion fritters on nature

North American Aboriginal Games Web site:

Tin Man Press (kids educational books)- Local Business!:

Fort Umpqua Days

Traveling Museum

Local Children’s Programs

Whole Earth Nature School
These are friends who often come out to Alvord Farm!

Youth in Nature Partnership

Nearby Nature

Friends of Outdoor School

Nature Information & Inspiration

Video of Dr. Jim Halfpenny on tracking for adults:

Children and Nature Network:

Great Nature Blog!

More About Identifying Insects- Thanks Peyton!

“The Story of Stuff” video- fascinating!:

Mountain Hearth blog by Lara Colley- local mom

The Nature Conservancy

Walama Restoration Project

Nature Net

Wildwood Survival Web site:

“Leave No Trace” Program


Oregon Reptile Man

Live Camera on Bald Eagle Nest:

Live camera on an barn owl nest:

Skeletons like you’ve never seen them!
(Thank you Dr. Pat O’Grady for showing this to me!)

Bird Feathers info:

More Bird Info and lesson plans:

Plants & Gardening

Food Hero website for kids and adults on gardening, cooking, with activities for all, including coloring sheets, word search, farm tour videos and much more:

Herbs For Kids

All about lichen from NW nature

Examples of Garden Layouts


For Teachers

Native American Science Curriculum

Wisdom of the Elders Native videos

Educational resources for teachers:

“Green Teacher” Magazine:

Acorn Naturalists Store site:

Going Green in the Classroom

Environmental lesson plans

Special Education Resource

Additional Resources

Non-Profit Eugene
Sam Evans creates podcasts about the non-profit organizations in the Eugene area.

Native American Hide Tanning Techniques

Become a Green School! Oregon Certification Tracks: