Hudson’s Bay Co. Fur Trappers History Presentation

Learn all about the Hudson’s Bay Company fur trappers in Oregon circa 1780 in this historical presentation. Our costumed presenter will delight your students with stories and show items of trade, animal pelts, tools, and everyday goods from the fur trapping life. Why is the badger so fierce? How do you start a fire in the rain? What is hard tack? Where do you get your supplies? All this and much more happens in our presentation. We have been doing these presentations since 2008 in Lane County and beyond.

Best for ages 6 – 12, and for groups of up to 30 students.

Our trapper will answer questions in an inclusive and respectful way, using “third-person” interpretation (not in character of the time.) The trapper will share about cultural and political values and ideologies of the time and explain how some of those are different from what is generally accepted today.  We aim to dispel stereotypes in an open and frank way, while acknowledging the traumas of the past in a way that children can easily understand. Things such as overtrapping and species endangerment, loss of habitat, indigenous removal to reservations, may be discussed briefly. For more information, please email our Executive Director at

Cost: $100; Travel outside the Eugene/Springfield area may cost extra

Time: 30 minutes

Your students must be supervised at all times by a teacher or adult leader. You maintain discipline and a respectful environment and we bring the activity.

We will not bring the muzzle-loading rifle to the presentation unless you specifically request it and we never bring any gunpowder or load it. 

How to book: Use our form below to make your reservation. We will send you an invoice for the presentation cost.

history field trip at the SMJ house in Eugene
russian fur trapper
Jerry Gowins as trapper
hudson's bay co fur trapper
fur trapper presentation with kids

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