We are having so much fun at Singing Creek Center on Sundays. That is the one day a week I have to work on this place- it’s really my dream come true. I’d love to have your help out there too.

Families that have visited Alvord Farm and Museum in the past are welcome to come volunteer. I am hoping that March 15th at 2pm will work for our PHOTO SHOOT in pioneer clothing. If you would like to come out and test out our new location, dress in pioneer clothes and be photographed for our marketing materials, please call or email me to sign up. I just need pics of kids having fun out there with me.

Email karen@singingcreekcenter.org for more info.

Last Sunday we brought Willa and John Alvord out to meet Tom and Sue Hunton and we had a blast going on the paddle boat, playing fetch with Holly the Lab, and hearing about the history of the Pioneer Schoolhouse and Granary. We even got to take home some nutritious Teff Flour from the Mill. I got to hold Henny, who is so relaxed and mellow and loves to be held. Looking forward to seeing you out on the new farm!

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