I (Karen) am thrilled to add some new books to our library at SCEC: Indigenous stories from Native authors. These books have been carefully curated from the list of Indigenous children’s books by the National Museum of the American Indian. I watched a webinar with Indigenous women children’s book authors including Joanne Robertson and found it very interesting. These books will help us tell a more inclusive story as we talk about history. Including Indigenous voices in our teaching is very important, and our board, staff, and volunteers are aligned on this point.

Indigenous storybooks authors

We have also acquired a set of children’s books from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde with cultural stories appropriate to our teaching about the Kalapuya people. These include Coyote and the Fish Trap, Mulak Man, Our Ancestors, Camas, Our Land and more.  We are grateful to Cheyanne Heidt, the curriculum specialist at Grand Ronde, for these resources. They have already proved valuable teaching aids in our Kalapuya Ways in-classroom presentations.




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