SCEC is pleased to announce we received a grant from the Lane County Cultural Coalition to pursue a project in collaboration with Tribal members. We will be updating our Native American teaching in our history programs. We are also intending to make videos so our Native programs can be viewable for everyone when getting to us in person is not an option. Because of the pandemic, we began creating digital resources such as our online history homeschool, and we saw that digitizing our history programs was an asset for the future.

This year we will be working with local Kalapuya people and other Native people to take a fresh look at how and what we teach and how we train our staff. While we have strived to create culturally responsive teaching practices, an update is always a good thing. We look forward to establishing connections with Tribal leaders and culture bearers and reflecting this diversity in our teaching and activities.

If you are looking for resources for your own education, or for a classroom or family, please check out our resources page and our February online curriculum with a focus on Justice and Inclusion.

Our executive director, Karen Rainsong, is happy to answer questions about our Native American/ Indigenous peoples educational curriculum. Please use the contact form.

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