We had a great time with the 4th grade class from Coburg Community Charter School! They came out for our Travel in Time Field Trip today, and everyone had a blast! Thanks for “breaking in ” our field trips- our first group ever!

Our Trapper group went with trapper Mike to the camp in the woods where they got to look at and handle all the things in the possibles bag, like a horn spoon, bone awls, and even a boar’s hair and bone toothbrush. They got to feel different animal furs and make plaster casts of their own animal track. We had coyote, bobcat, and possum tracks.
They went down to the pond and traded with the Kalapuya group, for some other furs, exchanging blue beads. The Kalapuyas went to a wooded camp by the pond and learned all about camas bulbs cooking, cedar plank houses, how Natives used fire to clear fields, and more. They made leather pouches to take home- perfect for storing all the interesting seeds and nuts they found on the walk by the pond.
The Pioneers went into the pioneer homestead, got to hear a journal entry by an Oregon Trail girl, and look more closely at a small pioneer covered wagon. They tried the loom, then made their own journals. On a walk to the fields, garden and pond they made observations about the weather, animal signs, plants they found, and even sounds they heard.

We ended with playing some fun running games to use up some of that extra energy!

We hope your class or group will sign up for a field trip soon. It was a great day and we can’t wait to share with more of you!

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