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Pioneer Homesteading or Lewis & Clark Explorers

The 2020-2021 school year will be conducted mostly online due to the pandemic. 

Our homeschool curriculum has been designed for a three hour class once a month, with an engaging and unique curriculum each time. We will have several days and times available and will help get you placed within a group. There is a limit of 10 kids per class group.

 We will offer video instruction for your child(ren) using zoom meetings, pre-recorded videos, handouts, recipes and resources for you to use at home. We may offer one in-person meeting, outside with masks on, at our facility sometime in the Fall.  The cost remains the same. Please contact our Director for questions about the homeschool program: director@singingcreekcenter.org.


Mixed age groups and hands-on learning activities are our specialty. Our homeschool curriculum is designed to work well for boys and girls of varying ages (usually 6-10 years old), and has a focus on experiential learning. Older kids often help the younger ones, and our well-trained and enthusiastic staff gets to know your child through monthly classes. Parents usually stay on site and sometimes even help out with crafts or activities as needed. For older children, you have the option of signing them in and then leaving for the session. Our location, the Snapp House in Cottage Grove, is a historic home with lovely grounds including a covered picnic table area, and access to the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. In December we will have a field trip to a different location instead of meeting at the Snapp House.

Cost is:

girls washing pioneer clothes farm homestead singing creek center$15 per child for your first class, so you can try it out and see if it’s a good fit.
Value: Priceless.

September is open enrollment month and you can try out several classes if you like to see which day/ time/ group feels right to you. Then we ask you to commit for the rest of the season in your chosen group. We have a pioneer group starting in November so please contact us for more information.

Remainder of season (Oct – May: 8 sessions) = $120

These rates are for a full class of 10 kids. If the class size is smaller, we may have to raise rates to be able to afford to offer it. 

If you join later in the season we will pro-rate your fees. Once a group is full, you may ask to be on the waiting list for that time (or choose another session.)

NOT a Drop-in Service

Once you are placed in a class we intend to get to know each other and form a connected group throughout the school year. For this reason we ask you not to bring guests or drop-in to other classes. Thanks for your understanding!

Choose from: Pioneer Homesteading or Lewis & Clark: Explorers

Pioneer Homesteading


This group focuses on the Oregon Trail, pioneer homesteading life, and nature. Children will garden, sew, weave, make pioneer toys, create a shadow puppet play, learn square dancing and more. For a few months we focus on the Kalapuya Indians of the Willamette Valley, including learning Kalapuya words, practicing with a bow drill and hand drill, throwing an atlatl, making masks, beads, furs, cedar plank demonstrations, and more. Storytelling and art are included in this class series. We provide pioneer dress up clothes for boys and girls to borrow during the session. Read more here about the values we teach in our programs. Our programs are non-denominational.

Lewis & Clark: Explorers


This group is based on the Corp of Discovery’s epic journey to the Pacific Ocean in 1803-1806 and includes lots of hands-on activities, outside play time, guest presenters and more!

Learn about Sacagawea, Seaman the dog, William Clark and others on the journey as you are “mustered” into the Corps of Discovery. Learn about Native American crafts, tools and sign language, learn to make your own tools for the journey, explore trading with replica trade goods, furs and peace medals, and practice your aim with the atlatl, slingshot and foam bows and arrows. Set up camp with our canvas wedge tent and prepare the fire pit and supplies. Go on an expedition to discover the pioneer cemetery and keep a journal of your plant, animal and mapping discoveries. Write a letter to Thomas Jefferson about your winter in Fort Clatsop using quill pen and ink. We will have special guests like Captain William Clark, Seaman the dog, and so much more!

About the Snapp House Location

Our facility is the historic Dr. Snapp House, built in 1890 and moved to this location some years ago. It is owned by the Prospector’s and Golddigger’s Club.  The house has a bathroom inside, but no running water in the kitchen (we fetch it from the hose outside). We do not have a landline on the property but our instructor always carries a cell phone. You can expect lots of outdoor time, weather permitting, and a fun and engaging hands-on curriculum. Talk to us about scheduling a time to meet and view the property, then we can work with you to find a regular time slot for your child or group.

Parking is in the parking lot directly in front of the house. We are not wheelchair accessible at this time. If you have a donation of supplies/historical clothing please talk to us first to see if we can use it.


Pioneer Homesteading 
Badgers: Second Tuesday of the month, 1pm – 4pm (first Class Sept 10th)

Coyotes: Second Friday of the month, 1pm – 4pm (first class November 8th)

Lewis & Clark: Explorers
Wolves: Fourth Friday of the month, 1pm – 4pm (first class Sept. 27th)

If you would like to request a different day or time, please email us from the Contact page.

December class is off-site for a field trip TBD.

Cancellation policy:

In order to provide the best experience for all families we need to have staff scheduled and supplies purchased in advance of the class, so we ask that you pre-pay for your spot and if you cannot make it that day there is no refund. If you need to forfeit your spot for the remainder of the year part-way through, we suggest you find another like-minded family to take your spot and talk to us about transferring the registration. As a non-profit organization our budget is very limited and we count on your registration in order to provide the highest quality programs. Thank you for your understanding.

Please take a look at our YouTube channel to see videos of kids having fun in our programs, and check out our other pages for more info. Please LIKE us on Facebook as well!

Contact our Director to arrange a tour or for more information.

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