Save the Earth Poster Contest 2022

School Children in the Cottage Grove area are invited to participate in our poster contest, with prizes awarded to the winners at our Green Living Fair in April.

Deadline entry date: Monday April 11th
Judges select winners by the 15th
Prizes/showing of posters is on Sat April 23rd @ The Green Living Fair, Cottage Grove Armory


Two Categories: 2/3 grade, 4/5 grade.

Generously Sponsored by the Woodard Family Foundation.

Contest Rules:

1) Must contain some original art by the student, and they must enter the category corresponding to their grade level
2) must be 22″ x 28″ posterboard (we will provide)
3) Can have some 3D elements but must be able to be hung on a wall easily
4) Theme is Save the Earth (see below)
5) Bonus points for showing diversity
6) Poster design and creation must be done by the students themselves, not parents or teachers
7) Entrant must fill out a form with name, school and contact information, in case they are a winner
8) Homeschoolers may enter but will need to either submit their own photo or bring their poster down to the photo day
9) Students may work together on a poster but there will be one prize awarded, (such as a scooter) for first prize, so there must be one student designated as the main creator of the poster

We provide a half sheet form to be attached to the back of each poster with kids name and contact info, and teachers name.

Topics could include things like:

Ocean cleanup
Stop pollution
Go green
Pick up litter
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Alternate transportation
Solar power/green energy
Grow a Garden


Make sure to secure all materials to the poster well
Make words readable at a distance
Submissions will be by photograph so make sure your artwork is large enough to see well
Keep the poster weight light so it can be hung up with tape on a wall
Use lots of color


On a certain day TBA, posters will be brought to a certain location, such as a school gymnasium, where our pro photographer will take a picture of each one (including the form on the back.) The judges will be voting online for first, second and third place in each category. 

We will be awarding first, second, and third prize, and an honorable mention, in each category.


1st: Scooter
2nd: Crafty Mercantile $50 – Gift certificate
3rd: Territorial Seeds $25 – Gift certificate

The Mayor, Jeff Gowing, will be awarding the prizes to the winners in person at the Green Living Fair at the Armory on April 23rd, 2022.