The walls of the Lower Fern Ridge School still show the graphite signatures of local school children from over 100 years ago.

One hundred years ago, the distinct silhouettes of one-room schoolhouses were rural anchors in areas across the west, much like stone grist mills, which existed to support isolated local communities. Left to decay in the wake of rapid modernization, we believe these pieces of living history are worth reviving, preserving, and sharing. As we work on-farm and at the mill to reinvigorate local grain raising and milling, we hope also to preserve this schoolhouse as a community asset for all to enjoy. See more here.

schoolhouse for web

The Schoolhouse today at the Camas County Mill

We are pleased to be partnering with the Camas County Mill, and we will be using this historic schoolhouse for our Pioneer summer camps and events. Please support the efforts to restore this wonderful piece of living history. What a treat for our campers to be “playing school” in the old fashioned way, in a real pioneer schoolhouse! With original blackboards and old-fashioned desks, this is a step up from our former schoolhouse that you may remember from Alvord Farm. Restoration work needs your support and donations to realize it’s full potential. Talk to us for more information.




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