We had a great time at the Living History Festival in June 2017!

Despite the clouds and rain, there were lots of families that came out and had a good time. We had some great sunshine at times and lots of smiles! Thank you so much to the volunteers who helped make this event run so smoothly.

A big thank you to Tom and Sue Hunton of Camas Country Mill & Bakery for their sponsoring of the festival and use of the site.

Also thank you to our wonderful sponsors: Mountain Rose Herbs, Geico Insurance, McKinley Printing, Glenwood Restaurant, and Lochmead Dairy.

We were so lucky this year to have a number of musicians that played for us in the covered tent out on the main lawn.
Thank you to:
Truman Price
Lake Toba
Old Time Fiddlers Association
Jeff Donovan

This year we had some new booths such as Tandy Leather, Lola’s Beads, Karen’s knittings, Elkton Community Education Center, as well as Banjo the horse and McKenna. This incredible horse paints pictures with his mouth and did lots of demos. He was so gentle and sweet even the littlest children got to brush him.

The ECEC booth had clay bead making for kids. They made all kinds of neat beads and poked holes in them. The Tandy Leather booth featured a craft: make your own leather bracelet with stamping in leather. And our friends the spinners came and let folks try the spinning wheel and carding paddles, and drop spindles too. We also made corn dollies at our own SCEC booth with our volunteer, Kim! Folks could try to loom with our volunteers Graymer and Elizabeth. We also got to wash clothes on a washboard and hang them on a line with our volunteer Camille. The blacksmith was really interesting to watch and many interesting tools were made, as well as square nails. Folks got to learn about pioneer history with the Oregon Genealogical Society and the Opal Whiteley info booth. The trapper’s camp is always interesting with our volunteer Dave Walp, who brings out lots of furs and skulls to show the families, and sits in a replica trapper camp with a canvas wedge tent. No hayride this year, unfortunately, due to the rain, but we are hopeful for next year!

We hope you will join us next year for some great family fun and pioneer hands-on history!

Karen and friend at Living history festival singing creek educational center oregon

brushing horse at history festival singing creek educational center

child wearing animal fur hat at living history festival


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